Motivational Speaking

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Unleashing Inspiration and Resilience through Motivational Speaking

Nowadays, I see that many people struggle with motivation and/or discipline in their lives. I have often grappled with these challenges myself, especially in the realms of sports and during my studies. Currently, I am embarking on a new adventure and aspire to become a passionate motivational speaker. With my strong and (I believe) extraordinary background in top-level sports, I want to share my experiences with others so that they can develop in the areas of motivation and discipline. I take pride in being a 6-time European champion Taekwondo, which reflects my dedication to excellence and determination.

My journey in the world of elite sports has not only bestowed upon me physical strength and agility but has also imbued me with invaluable lessons about motivation and discipline. I consider it my mission to share these insights and inspire others to reach their full potential.


- Eric Thomas -

As a motivational speaker, I have had the privilege of working with diverse groups seeking positive change in their lives. My presentations are infused with personal experiences, practical strategies, and motivating stories that serve as catalysts for transformation.

Motivation is the driving force behind every achievement, whether it’s professional goals, personal growth, or team dynamics. My speeches emphasize the importance of self-motivation, overcoming obstacles, and adhering to strong discipline to achieve success.

What makes my approach unique is the combination of my background in elite sports and my experience as a motivational speaker. I understand the value of determination, the importance of a positive mindset, and the power of perseverance. My goal is to guide others in discovering their inner strength and developing the mindset necessary for lasting success.

Whether you are looking for an inspiring keynote speech, an interactive workshop, or personal coaching, I am here to help you achieve your goals. Together, we can work on unlocking your potential and fostering a culture of motivation and discipline!