Poomsae Seminars

Knowledge from the highest level

Why a Poomsae Seminar?

My Taekwondo Poomsae seminars are offering an educational experience for Taekwondo practitioners of all levels. These seminars specifically focus on the art of Poomsae. During these seminars, participants have the opportunity to dive deeper into Poomsae, refine techniques, improve presentation, gain a fresh perspective on Poomsae, and learn exercises that can help improve their Poomsae. Whether you are a beginner looking to understand the fundamentals of Poomsae or an advanced practitioner seeking to refine your skills, these Poomsae seminars provide a valuable opportunity to increase your knowledge and mastery of this beautiful martial art.

Knowlegde has a beginning, but no end!

Geeta Iyengar


The reason why I do this

Experience and knowledge sharing.

Having gained extensive experience as a high performance athlete over the years, I have witnessed and experienced a lot within Poomsae. These experiences bring a wealth of knowledge and values with them. The opportunity to share my expertise and experience with others, as well as to make a positive impact on them, gives me immense satisfaction. Due to the love and passion I have for Taekwondo (Poomsae), a desire has arisen to assist others.

I want to offer others the opportunity to grow and develop in their own sports careers. I know how hard it can be to find a teacher with the knowledge from the highest level in Poomsae. That’s also why I am trying to share my experiënce and knowledge, so that others can find a way to work on their Poomsae on the highest level.

Inspiration & Professional Development

I aspire to inspire other athletes by sharing my personal stories of perseverance, discipline, and success, thereby motivating others to pursue their own goals. Conducting seminars is also a crucial component of my professional development. It allows me to continue evolving and acquiring new skills and competencies, such as teaching, presentation, and communication.

Contributing to the community

In addition, I want to give back to the sports community that has always supported and assisted me in my successes. Conducting seminars is my way of contributing to the development of others in the sport. I don’t keep all the knowledge to myself but instead, I help improve knowledge and standards in other places as well.

Knowledge is from no value, unless you put it into practice!

Anton Chekhov