Online Trainings

Train wherever you want

My online training sessions are designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, offering a flexible and accessible way to improve your skills, no matter where you are.

How great is it that you can train wherever and whenever you want!

Why Choose for Online Poomsae Trainings?


With the online Poomsae training, you have the freedom to train at a time and place that suits you best. Do you want to follow the lesson during your vacation on the beach or just in your living room between your couch and TV? We will agree on a date and time together and then get to work. No more mandatory lessons or travel time. You decide when and where you want to train. If you can’t make a lesson, no problem, we’ll just reschedule it for another date or time!

Suitable for All Levels

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics of Poomsae or an international athlete looking to refine your techniques, my training is suitable for all levels. I tailor the instructions to meet your needs and we work together towards a goal you have set. The knowledge I share will be based on international Poomsae level so that we can improve your Poomsae to its best form. My expertise includes detailed techniques, strategy development, and mental conditioning. Together, we’ll enhance your skills, boost confidence, and prepare you for competitive success.

Lesson from an expert instructor

During the online training, you will be guided and trained by me. I share all the knowledge I have gained worldwide and explain to you what my vision on Poomsae is. In various ways, I try to improve you both technically and presentationally and give you tools that you can also apply during your own training sessions. I have years of international experience in the (competitive) Poomsae world and am committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

Specific Attention to You

Personal attention allows me to observe specific technical aspects of your Poomsaes and provide targeted corrections. This helps you to refine and improve the technique. I help you by providing the right example and then teach you how to apply it. This can be done through a certain explanation or through training forms that will help you to improve. Personal attention also allows me to better understand the goals you are pursuing. This makes it possible to develop individual training plans and track progress, contributing to a goal-oriented and effective training. All this contributes to a higher level of engagement and commitment during the online Poomsae training, which is essential for consistent progress.

Always Help for You

When you take Online lessons with me, you can always expect help outside of the lessons as well. If you are stuck on something, find something difficult, or have questions about anything, you can always reach me. Sending in videos and receiving feedback is also part of the service I offer. I try to respond to you as soon as possible and am available 24/7 for you!